Product Description
Ultra-precision Mold Padding Welder
Product Name : Ultra-precision Mold Padding Welder
  • It won’t distort base metal due to it can avoid melt happening. Reduce any abnormal changes in base materials.
  • It can let base metal and sub-metal unify closely when pressure-raising is chose. With advantage of hard to flake and beautiful luster.
  • Applicable for pin’s concave. Easy to polish.
  • Even 0.1~0.2mm thickness copper or thin steel wire is also can be chose as padding material and so on.
  • Use friendly. Protect is not necessary because there is no poisonous gas during any working process.
  • Precision welding mode: This welder makes weld even a fine core pin (0.2 diameters) into possible selecting the FINE mode.
  • Weld navigation: Welding time and current can be set in advance and separately by choosing the welding target and size.
  • Lead Arc: By emitting the arc to the welding target in advance, the target can be welded in a precise way.
  • Continuous TIG mode: Continuous TIG mode provides smoother welding more quickly than laser welding.
  • Plastic mold
  • Die casting mold
  • Press mold
  • Glass mold
  • Rubber mold
  • Copper alloy mold