Product Description
Turning Positioners
Product Name : TMS-100~TMS-1000
  • Through the design of the center bore on the shaft of the turn table in this series, the installation of the air hose or pneumatic material discharging device is optional. This has the merits of high rigid and fast heat dissipation.
  • To fix the angle of the turn table by adjustable hand lever mounted on base wall or by worm shaft adjustment. Adjustable range: 0~90.
  • Turn table is standardization and easy assembly constructed, It applies single step speed reduction. Revolution is adjustable per requirement.
  • Grounding high carbon brush can be installed for welding function. Grounding efficiency : 50A~500A, Duty cycle : 40%
Horizontal Load 100kg 200kg 500kg 1000kg
90°Vertical Load 60kg 120kg 280kg 560kg
Speed (rpm) Slow : 0.6~6
Fast : 1~15
0.2~2 0.1~1
Disc Size Ø310 Ø500 Ø750
Center Bore Ø38 Ø55 --
Angle Adjustment Wall Lock Style Worm-Gear Adjustment Style Worm-Gear Adjustment Style Worm-Gear Adjustment Style
Control Box Time Device Style Origin Location Style Origin Location Style Origin Location Style
Dimension (cm) 39 x 46 x 42 46 x 56 x 42 80 x 65 x 62 95 x 80 x 75
Weight (Kg) 50 63 238 360