Product Description
Flash-Butt Welder
Product Name : PHF-800~PHF-2500
  • Adopting micro-computer controller, easy to set up in advance and memorize up to 9 programs.
  • High reaction speed makes high performance.
  • Micro-computer controller. It’s easy and convenient to set up for any professional and fresher.
  • Designed with high-precision of liner slide-rail so it needs no adjustment to ensure welding stability and quality.
  • Drive by hydraulic. With advantages of stable and reliable. It also can be adjusted by operators according to his wanted fast or slow welding speed.
  • Higher efficiency, short welding time and less welding distortion.
  • Applicable for all kinds of steel pipes connection, iron tube, and motorcycle wheel rims.
Rated Capacity 80KVA 100KVA 120KVA 150KVA
Rated Voltage 220V / 380V 220V / 380V 220V / 380V 220V / 380V
Max Short currents 20000A 28000A 34000A 38000A
Tube Diameter x Thickness Ø25mm x 1.0mm Ø32mm x 1.2mm Ø36mm x 1.4mm Ø40mm x 2.0mm
Wire diameter 10mm 15mm 18mm 20mm
Rated Frequency 50 / 60Hz 50 / 60Hz 50 / 60Hz 50 / 60Hz
Permissible Duty 10% 10% 10% 10%
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