Product Description
Grating Welding Machine
Product Name : GBS500~GBS1000
  • This welding machine adopts synchronous control of power electronic. The welding time is controlled by digital integrated circuits to make precise production and achieve firmly construction.
  • Pneumatic elements are used in transfer part; it has advantages of pressure uniformity, few malfunction and long service life.
  • Time and energy saving. Adjustable welding time and pressure individually to serve customers better.
  • Flat metal should be pre-loaded by manual to position of welding mold
  • Stable machine structure. Easy to adjust the spot position.
  • Welding time is 10 minutes for each 995×60000 mm grid board.
  • Distance of cross wire: 100mm

Steel grating is widely used in the platform, corridor, bridge, and stairs, fencing for power plant, civil engineering projects and environmental projects.

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